Where can I park my car?

Where can I park my car?
By car to Oosterbeek
All drivers with destination Airborne March are referred to two parking areas; one on the north side of Wolfheze and one on the west side of Doorwerth. From these parking places you will be transported by bus to (the immediate vicinity of) the start/finish area.

Follow the directions on the Matrix signs on the highway!

Central car park Airborne March:
ONLY accessible via A12/E35 and N224 (Amsterdamseweg) and N783 (Wolfhezerweg).

Car park Boersberg
ONLY accessible via A50 and N225.
Please pay attention to the traffic instructions.


The spot where you get off the bus, you also go back on the bus to return to the parking places.
The regular bus stops of Breng are NOT a pick-up point to the parking places.

These parking places are open between 06.00 and 20.00 hours.

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