The walking tour and its charities

As of 2011 also other charities are eligible for financial support, provided that they are in accordance with the ideology of the Airborne March and comply with the policies set for this purpose by the organization. For this the organization made a threefold division:

The primary charity – the Airborne veterans –will continue to exist as long as the veterans are still alive and there is a need to assist them and their relatives to attend the Airborne Commemorations. The organization also looks at current veteran projects, for example for returning Dutch soldiers with a humanitarian mission.

The International Youth Conference, which is held every year in and around Arnhem, where young people are made aware of what happened in this area in the days of September 1944. For a week, in the presence of prominent (international) speakers, projects are shown that have to do with the improvement of the relationship between the different countries.

Local initiatives that deal with Airborne related matters or projects in a broader context in which the local population is involved.