The Airborne March is a commemorative march, in remembrance of the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944, without competitive elements. The march is held every year on the first Saturday of September. The net revenues of the march will benefit Airborne commemorations in and around Arnhem, which are held every year in September.

The Airborne Walking Tour is organized by the Police Sports Association 'Renkum' in Oosterbeek. Everyone with a sufficient physical condition can participate in the march. Participation is subject to the regulations as described below and applicable to all participants.

Start and finish of the Airborne March takes place at the sports park 'Hartenstein' at the J.J. Talsmalaan in Oosterbeek, which for this occasion has been designated by the municipality of Renkum as event area.

The Airborne March has four distances, namely:
10 km for individuals and groups
15 km for individuals and groups
25 km for individuals and groups
40 km for individuals only

The trails of the four different distances start at the sports park, via the public road, forest and walking paths in the municipality of Renkum and partly in the municipality of Ede.

The checkpoints on the trails will close at 17.00 hours.
To check out is possible until 18.00 hours at the finish area.    

Participation in the Airborne March is entirely voluntary and at your own risk and is open to anyone who has a sufficient physical condition to complete the chosen walking distance. The organization accepts no responsibility whatsoever and is not liable for physical injury or other damage (to third parties) suffered by participants due to lack of the required physical condition of a participant.

Participation is possible for every walker, both individual and in groups.

Participation in a group is possible with a group of at least 11 persons (including the group leader).

To participate in the Airborne March, each participant is required to have a ticket, which can be purchased in advance or on the day of the event itself. For participating groups there are special group tickets. These group tickets are valid only for the total amount of persons of this particular group. Participation without a valid ticket is not allowed. After completing one of the distances, it is not allowed to walk this again on the same day. Refraining from participation, does not give the right to a refund of the participation fee, regardless of the reason.

Tickets can be purchased in advance through the website of the Airborne March, at the presale addresses in the area, Primera or at the sports park during the week before the march. On the day of the event is also possible to buy tickets at the sports park at the sales offices.

The official parade takes place in the morning in front of the Airborne Museum between 11:00 and 13:00 hours. Traditionally after the opening speech by the march leader, the playing of ‘The Last Post’ and 1-minute silence, is the presentation of groups of soldiers, the gendarmerie corps, police, scouting, civilians, and individuals.
The parade will be held by the mayor and council members of the municipality of Renkum, representatives of participating groups, government officials and invited guests. Walkers must adhere here to the instructions given by the organization.
Participating groups and individuals are allowed, when they pass the Airborne Cemetery along the route, to leave the trail temporarily to pay their respects to those who lost their lives in the Battle of Arnhem and are buried here. In the vicinity of and during the visit to the cemeteries, walkers are expected to observe silence and show respect.

After a participant has successfully completed the selected distance and on the walking ticket are all the checkpoint markings, the participant receives upon checking out for the first time a medal. This medal has with the permission of Major General Urquhart (formerly Commander of the 1st Airborne Division), the Airborne emblem, the Pegasus. For every fifth participation, the participant receives a custom-made medal. The intermediate insignia are a metal wing with the number of times that one participated in the Airborne March. Group participants receive these awards in accordance with the list drawn up and submitted in advance by the group leader, showing how often the persons in this group have participated. Each group also receives a special memento. Medals are awarded after 12.00 hours. Checking out after completing the chosen distance is possible until 18.00 hours at the start office.

The trail is not designed for wheelchairs; parts of the trail are not suitable for wheelchairs. Parts of the trail are unpaved and therefore less accessible. For this reason, we do not recommend participation in a wheelchair but we will not prohibit it if and insofar this does not cause a nuisance to the other walkers. The organization advices to start a little later (from 11.30 hours) to avoid the crowd on departure.

The use of a walking stick is permitted, as is the use of the so-called 'poles' for Nordic Walking, provided that and in so far this does not cause any nuisance to the other walkers.

Groups should be formed and behave on the trail in such a way that they do not disturb the individual walkers. Individual walker should not hinder marching groups in such a way that they are forced to systematically slow down their walking pace or break the formation. Passing is only allowed if this does not interfere with other participants. According to article 9 of Road Traffic Signs and Regulations in the Netherlands of 1990, a marching group may not have a width greater than three and no longer than thirty people.

Bringing dogs is only allowed if they are kept on a short leash during the entire march. The dog must be socialized and faeces should be immediately cleaned up by its supervisor. Given the fact that at some parts of the trail it is very crowded, it is strongly advised not to bring dogs/pets along.

During the Airborne March the participants are prohibited to:
enter the trail before the official starting times;
behave noisily at places of commemoration, such as the Airborne Cemetery;
express in any way a political conviction or religious belief;
behave in an offensive manner or to dress or walk with bare-chested;
carry/distribute advertising articles, unless authorized by the organization;
carry objects that can reasonably cause nuisance or danger;
cause serious nuisance for other participants;
throw waste on the trail or surrounding areas; this must be deposited in the appropriate waste containers and such like along the trail;
use the so-called 'Selfie Sticks'; for safety reasons this is strictly prohibited.

It is not allowed to enter or cross the trail with bicycles, mopeds, motorbikes, mobility scooters, cars or trucks. Crossing the trail is only permitted there, where this is clearly indicated by traffic barriers and traffic measures.

The municipality/police will take traffic measures on and around the walking trail from 09.00 to 18.00 hours on the day of the Airborne March. Release of the trail at 18.00 hours will be indicated by the police. This time can be changed when there is a lot of traffic/cleaning on the trail. The use of the walking trail is at the own risk of the participants. The organization can in no way be held liable for the use of the trail. Use of the trail outside of the specified times is not allowed because of possible additional hazards due to the lack of road barriers and such. Participants in the 40 km partly use the trail at the time of which the traffic measures are not yet in force. They are reminded that the Road Traffic Act is applicable at that time. They then enter the public road as normal pedestrian.

Instructions by employees of the organization, police and/or traffic regulators must be followed. The Road Traffic Act and the Road Traffic Signs and Regulations remain in full force during the Airborne March, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The traffic regulators and controllers are recognizably dressed.

The Police Sports Association 'Renkum' is in no way responsible or liable for accidents, illness and/or death of its participants or loss of possessions before, during or after the march. Participants must themselves ensure an adequate physical condition, ensure an adequate preparation for the walking tour, ensure to wear good clothing and footwear, ensure to  bring sufficient and suitable food and drinks and potentially take the decision to end their participation during the march.

The Police Sports Association 'Renkum' emphasizes the risk of hypothermia, overheating and sunstroke as a result of sitting still (in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, buggies, walking and cart wagons) and disclaims liability in this matter. 

During the marching event, medical assistance is provided by the local first aid associations and is supervised by a competent GP, who is assisted where possible by other physicians. In doing so, attention is paid as much as possible to a balanced distribution of these doctors to the different walking areas. On each of the trails medical stations have been set up at designated locations, exclusively intended for the treatment of complications arising during or as a result of participating in the Airborne March.

The organization of the Airborne March, reserves the right to deny individuals and/or groups the (further) participation in the Airborne March in case the (further) participation could disrupt the proper course of the walking tour, which is entirely and exclusively at the discretion of the march leader.

The organization of the Airborne March reserves the right to change the trail, start and/or finish times and/or places or cancel the Airborne March in whole or in part due to extreme weather conditions or other extraordinary circumstances, as this then can be reasonably expected from the Police Sports Association ‘Renkum’. In that case there is no right to a refund of the participation fee and/or other costs incurred.

By obtaining a ticket to participate, each participant unconditionally agrees with the rules as stipulated in accordance to these regulations.

Any cases not provided for by these regulations, the board of the Police Sports Association 'Renkum' shall decide. The board of Police Sports Association 'Renkum' ensures that these regulations are adequately published or otherwise communicated to each participant.

Subject to change without prior notice.
Oosterbeek, August 2017

The above is an abbreviated version. The extended version can be obtained from the secretariat. You can request this by using the contact form.