FAQ: Safety

  • Are there first aid services available?

    During the marching event, medical assistance is provided by the local first aid associations and is supervised by a competent GP, who is assisted where possible by other physicians. In doing so, attention is paid as much…

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  • Are there traffic measures?

    The municipality/police will take traffic measures on and around the walking trail from 09.00 to 18.00 hours on the day of the Airborne March. Release of the trail at 18.00 hours will be indicated by the police. This time…

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  • Is the police present?

    At a major event like the Airborne March there is police present, both visible and invisible.
    In the run up to the marching event there is frequent consultation with the various emergency services.

  • Are all the roads closed?

    The traffic measures start from 09.00 hours.
    The Dreijenseweg and Schelmseweg are already closed from 07.00 hours for all traffic into Oosterbeek. 
    Also on other access road there will be traffic diversions.

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  • What kind of supervision is there?

    During the Airborne March the organization uses two command posts.
    One post is to manage the traffic in the right direction. 
    The other one is at the start/finish area. The trail is checked here on various screens. Read More

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