Tickets sale for the Alternative 74th Airborne March

The ticket sale for the Alternative 74th Airborn March will start Augustus 2nd 2021.

When you buy a ticket we need your name, adres, e-mailadres and how many times you walked the Airborne March. You will get your medal or wing afterwards at the end of October.




More information

Participating in the Airborne March is possible for every walker; male, female, young or old. You can participate individually or in a group.
Groups consist of at least 11 persons (including the group leader).

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The costs for the starting tickets, for all distances, are per person (with a proviso):

All ages, all distances, individuals and group members on the day of the event, per person: € 9.00

Before the 7th of September through internet: € 8.00 (discount for KWBN members, only by ordering in advance through internet, € 7.50)

Purchase of tickets at presale addresses in the region (in August): € 8,00

Tickets can be ordered from April 2nd 2019 until Saturday 7 September 2019 through this website.