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postponement online ticket sales

Dear walker,

The Airborne walking tour is scheduled for September 5, luckily it will take a few more months, but preparations are of course already in full swing. As board, members and volunteers we are already busy organizing the 74th edition of the Airborne Walking Tour and making it a success again.

We also follow the news closely and understand that we are all living in an uncertain time. That is why we want to inform you, from the board, of the state of affairs that are currently important to us.

The digital ticket sales of the Airborne Walking Tour would start on April 2. In connection with the current measures imposed by RIVM and the government, we have decided to postpone this until further notice.

We also keep a close eye on the reports from RIVM and the government and adjust our policy accordingly if necessary.

As soon as we start with ticket sales or have any additional information regarding the Airborne Walking Tour, we will notify you.

We hope for your understanding and wish you a lot of health in the coming period.

The board of the PSVR

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