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No Airborne March 2020

End of March we informed you about the fact that we as board, members and volunteers of the Airborne March Association were very busy with the preparations for the 74th Airborne March on the 5th of September.

On Tuesday 21st of April the Dutch government decided to forbid all the events until the 1st of September. The Airborne March is four days later, however we don’t believe it will be possible to have more than 30.000 walkers in a situation where we have to take into account to be 1.5 meters apart of each other.

The last couple of weeks we discussed different scenario’s to adapt the 74th Airborne March to the current circumstances.

However in view with the current situation and the health of everybody, the board decided in close coordination with the municipality Renkum to cancel the Airborne March on the 5th of September 2020. In the 74 year that we organize this march we never had to face this sad and difficult choice. It was a very though decision to make. We would like to thank everyone who was already actively involved in the preparations of the 74th edition.

We do hope that you understand our decision and we wish you a lot of health in the coming period.

Please be our guest on Saturday 04 September 2021.

The Board op the Police Sports Association 'Renkum'

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